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Our extra-large body cleanser is rich in foam and can be used to scrub your skin softly and gently to increase your joy and comfort whilst bathing/showering.



Our sponge can be used for many purposes such as exfoliating dead skin cells dirt from the body making you feel more relaxed after a long working day or studying and as well begin your day and make you ready for productivity. It can be used in baths, swimming, etc....


  • Material: Made from Polyurethane, degradable sponges, which also is harmless for body.
  • Product size: our products come compressed in size 14*12*7cm, it’s our little trick to show you our pop-up magic for your satisfaction [when soaked in water it increases massively in size and when opened from its sealed package, it returns to its actual size which is 15*13*8cm] The non-compressed packing size is:15*13*8cm.
  • Storage: store in dry, clean and ventilated places to help dry the product properly.
  • How to use: Before first use wash sponge and let it soak in water to help with uncompressing process and wait for about 15-20seconds, use on wet skin together with soap/shower gel to maximise cleansing result. After wash rinse sponge and hang it on clean, ventilated places.
  • How often to replace: we recommend replacing this sponge every three to six months.

Body Cleanser sponge [1 pcs]

SKU: 5
  • King Findi offer's a NO-stress 14 day return policy!!!

    If for any reason you change your mind within 14 days of purchase you can return any item for any reason as long as it’s in resale-able condition. Return postage is at your expense.

    Resale-able condition is defined as unopened and unused. Any items returned outside of this condition will not be considered acceptable. 

    To arrange a NO-stress return, e-mail and advise them what to expect being returned and the address will be provided to you. 

    You are responsible for the return postage cost.

    Refund is due on the item only, not postage


    For more information contact:

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