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What being plus size really feels like?

Hey there Kings and Queens,

We got all the Ts (topics) for you today, let‘s talk about how it feels to be plus sized/overweight/curvy/big/fat or other names you call it we are unfamiliar with.

Firstly, plus size is defined as having a bigger or larger than average body type, which means you can either have a higher B.M.I (body mass index) due to larger bones and muscle mass which often isn’t acknowledged by doctors and you are just generally classified as overweight.

Everything is quite unique for plus sized individuals and which are most likely to begin with clothing sizes and much more. As a female in the modelling industry you are considered plus size if your size is between 8 to 12 and sometimes they will consider even size 6 to fall into the plus size category. For male plus size models, you preferably should be size 34 or 36 and over but generally the rules for plus sized men in modelling industry are a bit less demanding than for that of plus sized women. In non modelling areas you are generally considered plus size if you are size 18 and over. That clearly shows how much the fashion industry keeps affecting and manipulates with our appearances.

Being plus sized to the general public has a lot of mixed opinions and most being negative, let’s have a look on the most common daily opinions.

1. You are having unhealthy lifestyle

The very first thing many people comment about plus sized individuals are their eating habits. Do you get comments from people that don’t even know you, but come up to you and comment “you should stop eating that much“ or “stop eating fast food and sweets all the time“, like yes Karen I’m aware, so please move on with your day and I with mine. Sometimes people say things like - Have you ever tried a diet hun?“ Like OMG!!! That so pisses me off 1000%, bear in mind they have no idea about your eating habits/ disorders. This can have a massive negative impact on your self –esteem. There are many plus size individuals suffering with eating disorders and before commenting please be aware of this, you would not want to give a bad comment to someone with an underlining health condition, now if you are not aware of eating disorders, then please do some research (this is for those who offer such comments).

Except for the image of you having an unhealthy nutrition, many would not believe you might be exercising multiple times a week and might lack rest due to your occupation or daily routine, or that you might have insomnia. Some individuals believe that you are weak, have poor hygiene and lack strength/stamina (when it gets down to the deed), but we completely disagree with this because there are a lot of energetic plus sized people out there who would blow your socks off and also are very hygienic, not to talk of the strength factor.

2. Lazy characteristic traits

Unfortunately there is still many nitwits (people) who would believe that you became overweight or fat because of your own laziness and lack of self-discipline. That is not true in most cases. Many plus size individuals have active lifestyles and they are really good with fulfilling their commitments to themselves and those around them.

Your personality might be often hidden behind your body shape or size and people will characterize you as that “big guy“ or “big girl“ , which in my case when i was in secondary school because i had more allowance than some of my peers often due to the numerous part time jobs i did on holidays and combining it with what my mum gave me, my friends gave me the nick name Obey-money which in full meant Obesity-Money and i casually laughed at the name with them for years, however I hated it deeply on the inside.

Based on all these wrong characteristics people might think that you will be less competitive so that can always be an advantage for you, my friends thought i couldn’t play football and obviously I'm not an expert but i learnt hard to prove them wrong and always prove myself right that I can do anything i commit myself to.

3. Dealing with Fat-shaming and Discrimination

Fat-shaming is criticizing and harassing overweight people based on their weight or assumptions of eating habits. Many bullies believe that if they make plus sized individuals feel ashamed of their body, they might motivate them to loose weight, but I tell myself this all the time even before i chose to start my fitness journey is [my motivation should be healthy], meaning all this negative comments if you let them work on you or use them to motivate yourself, you are going to end up in a limbo of not being satisfied with the stage you are in your journey .

Fat-shaming in many cases comes from individuals who never experienced being overweight and it is very common especially on social media or the internet in general.

Together with fat-shaming you might need to deal with discrimination based on your weight. Although work spaces should be aiming for no discrimination, there are many cases when you might get discriminated and not get certain roles you applied for based on your weight or even not getting a promotion. Same can apply in the educational sector, not that you would not be accepted to school because of your weight, but you might experience discrimination whilst studying. I bet our fellow plus size students can relate to this.

These are just very small examples or proportions of how negative our

surroundings can be towards your weight. But Hey! There are

the positives of being plus size and I am not talking about the crap you normally find hear like you are the best hugger because you are big and fluffy or you have less chances of being kidnapped or being harassed at the bar.

  • People who like you, don’t care about your shape or size, they might like your style and the fact that you are fashionable, but in general they are going to be genuinely interested in the type of person you are, in other words that is all there is to it, because the good in people can never be highlighted as the bad. That is why the advantages of being plus sized can never be written long enough as the disadvantages, because that is the world we live in. These advantages we tell you are just to make you aware and focus on the little good there is in that and use it as a shield to empower yourself from all the wrongs.

  • You are different and unique – being plus size has makes us think not having your clothes and underwear available on high street shops is a bad thing but we think otherwise, that can be a good thing!!! You turn to have your unique style by having clothes which is different and aren’t available to all. With your confidence added on top of it you would be an unstoppable fashion icon. In exception of fashion go and try things that might not be associated with plus size individuals. Have you ever seen a plus size ballerina/ballet dancer or ice skaters or pole dancers? No? Then try it it out if that was always your dream and if you would be good at it then that would make you stand out which makes you very special.

  • Believe it or not but there are certain health benefits for plus size individuals:

We are no doctors but based on research used to write this blog, your immune system might be better because cells found in fat could help the body send off infection.

Furthermore, couple of studies suggest that overweight people might have less chances of developing dementia in your old age. Your bones health is better and your risk of Rheumatoid arthritis might be lower if your BMI (Body mass index) is higher, but not too high (2nd and 3rd stage of obesity).Lastly, did you know that as a plus size person you have more energy due to more fat cells in your body?

Hope you did enjoy reading this article and you picked up something new to empower yourself.

Tune in for more weekly plus size content/stories/trends, only with us.


King Findi

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