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Welcome to Plus size story tale

Hey Kings and Queens,

Welcome to our brand new blog page. Maybe you are having many questions about our blog, for example what is this going to be about and is it going to be interesting? So today we would like to introduce You our blog a bit better and share 3 main reasons why to stay tuned and join our newsletter so you don’t miss any future posts!

1. We will be opening unique topics

Despite the fact that there are so many blogs nowadays with varieties topics, it has been hard to find ones which are covering plus size directed topics. Most of plus sized blogs are focused on fashion and clothing topics, however, on King Findi we do believe that there is more to talk about. Being plus sized has quite a lot disadvantages in your modern day life, but there are also so many more greater things about being plus size which we are here to talk in our upcoming posts.

We are going to raise awareness, share updates and achievements from the plus size community, all together with our goal to make you feel more confident and happier in your body regardless your shape or size.

2. We will be sharing valuable tips which you were not aware you needed

We would like to be your source of new and trendy tips and tricks in order to make your life better. We are going to share with you tips and ideas which we believe are important. We will be focusing on subject matters related to your body and mind hygiene, your wellbeing, empowerment, inclusivity, positivity, individualism and fitness as a plus sized individual.

3. We will be setting trends

We are going to set up new trends relatable for the plus size community. We will be focusing on fitness trends which can help you overcome stress from the gym environment and to help you to get comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Also we will be setting up challenges and the purpose is to make you feel better and do better things for yourself and others around you which will result to a positive impact on your lifestyle. Furthermore we will be posting weekly vlogs including failures because we want to show you our learning process and flaws, also our most valuable lessons we have learnt from mistakes and failures.

Our goal is to bring together and highlight stories of past and present experiences in the daily lives of plus size individuals in order to build a community, follow us to be engaged and always feel free to voice out your opinion as a reader because we are building this together.


King Findi

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